DAS Biogas & Construction Limited is one of the fastest growing companies in Ghana founded by an inspiring team of young thinkers. We are built around an enduring determination to contribute to achieving a zero-waste economy in the long haul not only in Ghana but across Africa. We are driven by the burgeoning interest in promoting a circular economy through the recycling and value addition to waste at all levels. We close the loop through the design of innovative technologies that turn waste into a new form of high-value commodity for profitable returns to society.


We believe waste should no longer become a nuisance but an opportunity for growth toward a green economy and an avenue for job creation for the youth. Our dynamic team of young scientists, engineers and business professionals give the broad range of skills to optimize our operations which places the company on the leading edge of organic waste management. We design biogas systems to treat all organic waste ranging from toilet, kitchen and bathroom waste. The treatment system brings an end-product of biogas which supplements about 60% cooking & electricity needs. The effluent from the system is rich in nutrients and can be used for gardening purposes plus the treated water can be used for fish rearing, reflushing among others. The company has innovatively developed a mobile plant that converts plastics to fuel. This technology also helps reduce the qua  of plastic waste scattered all over the environment.


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