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The Quality Biogas Production Company…. Waste is not a waste but resource at the wrong place


The company has been able to develop Portable Biogas digesters that can convert faecal matter and kitchen waste to biogas for cooking and residue to bio fertilizers for gardening and farming. For bigger clients such as schools (e.g. universities, senior high schools, colleges etc), agro-processing factories, estates, hostels, hotels etc, the company is able to develop bigger waste treatment systems using biotechnology to help effectively manage their waste. The Ghana Climate Innovation Center-a World Bank funded programme accepted the company into its prestigious incubator program. Furthermore, the company recently came second runner-up in a sanitation challenge organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in collaboration with UNICEF-GoG.

our vision

To be the leading and most innovative comprehensive waste management company in Ghana and all over Africa.

OUR mission

Efficient treatment and conversion of biodegradable waste into value-added products through cutting-edge biogas production technology.


The uniqueness of the company’s system lies in the fact that the system is sustainable and self-regulatory. This means that there is little or no maintenance cost and the systems last beyond 50 years without a need for dislodging. The company’s strides have not gone unnoticed as the company has been recognized by several renowned organizations.

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Post Office Box RY 677, Railway -Kumasi.

Where to find us

Juabeng, Opposite Jubeng Police Station Ashanti Region.

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