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Ghana's Leading Zero-Waste Biogas Firm

We are an Award winning team of professional engineers and  architects, customizing in home and institutional biogas design and consultancy. With a  vast experience of both small and large scale projects, we are built around an enduring determination to contribute to achieving a zero-waste economy in Ghana and beyond. 


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Regarding our  burgeoning interest in promoting a circular economy through the recycling and value addition to waste at all levels, Das Biogas is an exclusive biogas firm  closing the  waste to energy  loop  through the design of innovative technologies that turn waste into a new form of high-value commodity for profitable returns to individuals and society at large. 

With our innovative mobile plant converting  plastics to fuel  and other technologies,  our goal is geared towards  reducing the ubiquitous nature waste  scattered all over the environment.


our services

Domestic and Institutional Biogas Installation

We offer client-focused services through the design and installation of domestic and institutional biogas plants to treat domestic/ institutional amount of waste.

Organic Waste Treatment

We provide exclusive organic waste treatment technological system which generates high heat capacity biogas in the process of treating organic waste. Myriad of waste treatment includes toilet, kitchen and bathroom waste at source as the system is self-dislodging with little or no maintenance.

Plastic Waste to Fuel Conversion

This technology and turning it into a useful resource thus fuel helps reduce if not solve the problem of plastic waste spread all over the environment.

Consultancy & Training

We offer consultancy services with regards to waste recycling and conversion and embark on training sessions for people interested in acquiring in-depth professional knowledge in the biogas industry.

Research & Home Gardening

We offer consultancy services with regards to waste recycling and conversion and embark on training sessions for people interested in acquiring in-depth professional knowledge in the biogas industry.

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why choose Das Biogas...

We believe waste should no longer become a nuisance but an opportunity for growth toward a green economy and an avenue for job creation for the youth.

We guarantee cost-savings of up to 60-70% on client’s energy consumption and quick generation time after inoculation of the plant with organic waste.

Das Biogas myriad offerings clearly align with the company motto which reads “waste is not waste but a resource at the wrong place”. 


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Das Biogas in Brief...


We are an organization that offers a complete form of domestic and institutional waste management services by designing and constructing continuous-flow anaerobic waste water treatment systems.


This is based on ISO 30500 to enable all institutions and households to treat their own organic solid and liquid waste at source to generate sustainable source of energy and save the environment from global warming.


The anaerobic digestion systems we install function as a waste disposal system, particularly for human waste and agricultural waste, and can, therefore, prevent potential sources of environmental contamination and the spread of pathogens. 


The treatment efficiency achievable of the systems we install is 70% – 95% BOD removal, which makes the effluent quality moderate and superior to that of conventional septic tank.

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