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DAS Biogas & Construction Limited is one of the fastest growing companies in Ghana founded by an inspiring team of young thinkers. We are built around an enduring determination to contribute to achieving a zero-waste economy in the long haul not only in Ghana but across Africa. We are driven by the burgeoning interest in promoting a circular economy through the recycling and value addition to waste at all levels. We close the loop through the design of innovative technologies that turn waste into a new form of high-value commodity for profitable returns to society.

We believe waste should no longer become a nuisance but an opportunity for growth toward a green economy and an avenue for job creation for the youth. Our dynamic team of young scientists, engineers and business professionals give the broad range of skills to optimize our operations which places the company on the leading edge of organic waste management. We design biogas systems to treat all organic waste ranging from toilet, kitchen and bathroom waste. The treatment system brings an end-product of biogas which supplements about 60% cooking & electricity needs. The effluent from the system is rich in nutrients and can be used for gardening purposes plus the treated water can be used for fish rearing, reflushing among others. The company has innovatively developed a mobile plant that converts plastics to fuel. This technology also helps reduce the quantity of plastic waste scattered all over the environment.


To be the leading and most innovative comprehensive waste management company in Ghana.


To be the leading portable biogas system producer in Ghana .


Treating and turning biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste to useful products through biogas production process and plastic brick production method for the benefit of Ghanaians.


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Mr . Enoch Boadu


Considers himself as the “bulldog” for innovation and that is well said because fewer words could describe him in such honest terms. After pursuing a career in Teaching for many years, his true talent gradually dawned on him. Through serial experimentation with waste, he finally believed his passion lay in Waste Engineering and Entrepreneurship. With endearing wizardry, the team feels drawn in by the inspiring vision he has crafted for this company as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Driven by his die-hard attitude, the team is perked up under his creative guidance, professionalism and resilient entrepreneurial spirit to succeed with such youthful vigor. He is famously known to be a man with the knack to turn ideas into opportunities for growth and one with a positive outlook. This company is built on the premise of environmental sustainability and innovative leadership in the Waste Management Sector. This internal discipline is daily reinforced by the trusted leadership and overriding encouragement he injects into the management team. He has the legitimate recognition as a Cohort of the Ghana Innovation Center.He studied Renewable Energy Technology and Mechanical Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology during her years in Tertiary Education.

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Mr . Solomon Owusu-Amankwaah


is a prolific scientist with extensive experience and exposure in research Agencies such as the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research and Health Care Institutions. He is an Affiliate of Invitrolabs (Netherlands-based Biotechnology Corporation) through his Consultancy work with an Amsterdam-based Foundation as the Project Development Scientist. He served as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he graduated magna cum laude. His wider scientific knowledge in project design, planning and management puts him in a critical position to help DAS Construction Limited address nagging engineering problems with scientific underpinnings. He is widely regarded as a “Jewel in the crown” in local and internationally renowned organizations such as Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative, Bright Generation Community Foundation, Ecoshoes Global Limited, Appnet Consult Limited and Eddyfast Enterprise as a co-entrepreneur. He is currently a cohort of the Ghana Climate Innovation Center and pursuing his Postgraduate Studies in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

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Bishop Bismark Boachie

Management Expert

Is a unique addition to the Board due to his serial Entrepreneurial experience in several successful businesses where he has accumulated over 16 years of experience in management. His intuition and strategic outlook has won him a reputation in the Agriculture Sector after contributing to the performance outcomes of such successful companies as Addai Cutlass Company and Frank Mensah Merchants. Combining his human relations skills with a touch of graceful personality, he has demonstrated a unique problem-solving perspective in guiding the ebb and flow of his companies’ fortunes. On the flipside of his personal life, he carries out his pastorial work in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and also serves as the head pastor of Empowered Christian Church which he established about ten years ago.

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Rev. Victor Brew

is an incomparable contributor to the team and a prominent lawyer by profession who is serving as the Head of Legal of the west African Exams Council since 2011. He is an advocate, consultant and counselor on our legal gaps as law is intertwined with every aspect of our society especially in a business setting. He has had responsibilities working in the industry with Unilever Ghana and Ghana Revenue Authority with which has advanced his proficiencies to grow into a competitive professional. Aside his career, he is the Associate Pastor in- charge of Christian education and home fellowship at first Baptist church, Tema, and to complement that, a Master of Arts Degree in Ministry from the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, Accra. His gigantic reputation and familiarity has given way to him serving his mother church and the Ghana Baptist Convention (GBC) in various capacities which includes Member/Secretary with GBC Presidency Search Committee (2013), Member/Secretary, Ministers Conference, Constitutional Review Committee among others.

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Elizabeth Kyei Mensah

Is a fervent young woman dedicated to her career path in Business Administration and Management. As an Administrator and a Business Development Officer, she attends to her tasks with precision, accountability and integrity. She pays maximum attention to details and makes reading and research a hobby to keep her in on the shifting essentials and novelties in the society. She has over three years’ experience in administrative and clerical work. working with companies such as Holy Family Hospital, she has furnished herself with the indispensable aids and expertise to be a competitive and experienced professional. she holds a Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Management.

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