Mr. Enoch Considers himself as the “bulldog” for innovation and that is well said because fewer words could describe him in such honest terms. After pursuing a career in Teaching for many years, his true talent gradually dawned on him. Through serial experimentation with waste, he finally believed his passion lay in Waste Engineering and Entrepreneurship. With an endearing wizardry, the team feels drawn in by the inspiring vision he has crafted for this company as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Driven by his die-hard attitude, the team is perked up under his creative guidance, professionalism and resilient entrepreneurial spirit to succeed with such youthful vigor. He is famously known to be a man with the knack to turn ideas into opportunities for growth and one with a positive outlook. This company is built on the premise of environmental sustainability and innovative leadership in the Waste Management Sector. This internal discipline is daily reinforced by the trusted leadership and overriding encouragement he injects into the management team. He has the legitimate recognition as a Cohort of the Ghana Innovation Center. He studied Renewable Energy Technology and Mechanical Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology during his years in Tertiary Education.