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Domestic and institutional biogas installation

We offer client-focused services through the design and installation of domestic and institutional biogas plants to treat domestic / institutional amount of waste.

Treating organic waste

The technological system installed generates high heat capacity biogas in the process of treating organic waste. It treats all organic waste thus toilet waste, kitchen and bathroom waste at source and it is self-disludging with little or no maintenance.

Conversion of plastic waste to fuel.

This technology works by gathering our plastic waste and turning it into a useful resource thus fuel helps reduce if not solve the problem of plastic waste spread all over the environment.

Energy consumption

Cost-savings of up to 60-70% on client’s energy consumption and quick generation time after inoculation of the plant with organic waste. The biogas generated from the waste supplements the cooking and electricity needs of clients. The treated effluent can be used as a fertilizer for gardening purposes and fish rearing, not forgetting reflushing.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services with regards to waste recycling and conversion.


We adopt training services for those who are interested in acquiring knowledge in the field of biogas installation.